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There is a Logical Fallacy at the Heart of the Case Method

This post was originally from the Oxford Political Review here. Since the late 1800s, the best law schools in common law countries have taught law by way of the case method. Invented by Professor Christopher Columbus at Harvard Law School, the case method is based on the idea that law can be understood by reading ...

Law Schools: Alternative Assessments & Teaching Methods for a Liberal Arts Education

In this article, I argue that alternative assessments should be used in law schools to re-orientate student learning towards a broader, liberal arts education in law. Students should be given new assessments that challenge them to think for themselves about the origin of law, the purpose of law and the effect of law on society. ...

Researching law schools and legal education in Nottingham, UK

I have just arrived in Nottingham to conduct research into the differences between UK and Australian law schools. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this and keep in touch for further updates.

Legal education- success but at what cost?

The following is a review of my book by Edwin Montoya Zorrila from the blog, Notes From The Wreck.   I preface this review with a disclosure. The author, Joshua Krook, is a friend of mine, and we have studied law together at the University of Sydney. I have also supported this book by helping ...