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We Need Less Experts: The Power of Educating Generalists

Imagine that you’re a doctor and that your patient has just died on the operating table. Now, you have the difficult task of telling the family the bad news. You’re an expert in medicine but you have no knowledge of...

How to Self-Publish a Novel

This is a guide to self-publishing novels, articles and non-fiction.

Creative Writing: A Thing Beyond Hope, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of my coming-of-age novel, A Thing Beyond Hope.

Creative Writing: A Thing Beyond Hope

My coming-of-age novel, A Thing Beyond Hope, is now out! Get your copy today! :)

Creative Writing: To Be Alive Again

Two men enter. Both are young. Ray is frantic, over-excited, pushing to the front of the stage and eager to seemingly shout at the audience in front of him. The other (Mort) is more cautious, quiet on his toes, working his way more slowly to the front. He carries a book in his right hand, ...

A Guide to Publishing: Tips for Publishing Books, Articles, Fiction, Blogs and Self-Publishing

For the last few years I have been gathering together tips, advice and how-to's on publishing. My idea was to collate all the information I could find in one place so that I could have a personal one-stop shop when trying to publish a book, article or blog post. I was tired of hunting through ...

The Problem with Ping Pong: How Companies Psychologically Manipulate Employees into Working Longer Hours

Ping pong. Bean bags. Free lunch. I've spent two months researching the psychological tools companies use to get employees to work longer hours for free. This builds on my previous work on social psychological research and law including my first book: Us vs Them: A Case for Social Empathy. In my research, I've discovered that companies use the same techniques ...