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The Cinema Rosa – Now on Kickstarter

The Cinema Rosa has just been launched on Kickstarter. We need your help to make the game a reality.

Creative Writing: A Thing Beyond Hope, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of my coming-of-age novel, A Thing Beyond Hope.


A Guide to Publishing: Tips for Publishing Books, Articles, Fiction, Blogs and Self-Publishing

For the last few years I have been gathering together tips, advice and how-to's on publishing. My idea was to collate all the information I could find in one place so that I could have a personal one-stop shop when trying to publish a book, article or blog post. I was tired of hunting through ...

A Story on Poverty and Literacy Levels in Nottingham, East Midlands, UK

In 2010 The Guardian revealed that Nottingham had one of the worst reading and writing rates in the UK. By age eleven, 15% of boys and 10% of girls were two stages below their expected reading level in school. Children in the East Midlands performed particularly poorly in phonics - the ability to break down words into segmented sounds. Since then, various ...

How to Write a Thesis Worth Writing

Recently I've been writing this book on how to write a thesis worth writing. It combines various lessons I've learnt along the way in my own PhD journey. Here's a brief synopsis: What I aim to do in this book is to give you some tips and ideas on how to write a thesis worth ...

Can a Vocational University Produce #Leadership?

Can #Leadership Come Out of a Vocational University? “#Leadership” has been emblazoned on red banners above an Australian university, waving out over the grounds beside sandstone walls and students running late for class. #Leadership is part of a broader effort by the university to instil values into their marketing campaigns, on banners and billboards and ...