About us

What is New Intrigue?

New Intrigue is a platform for new ideas. We care about critical thinking, rationality and tackling topics that are frequently missed by other outlets.

Who are we?

Joshua Krook – Editor in Chief, Sydney | joshua.krook.net | @JoshKrook

Swapnil Mindhe – Contributor | @S_MINDHE

How did New Intrigue begin? 

New Intrigue began in 2014 when Joshua Krook found it necessary to create a space to share ideas that challenged conventional wisdom. Our articles have inspired journalists, educators, academics and even a few antiques dealers to change their view of the world around them.

How is New Intrigue funded?

We are funded primarily through reader donations and book sales.

How can you help? 

You can help by donating through Patreon here. We greatly appreciate your support.

Alternatively, you can help by buying our books or subscribing to our site.

How can you pitch an article?

Send an idea for an article or a completed article using the form below:

(Note: Our core topics include politics, philosophy, technology, society and culture.)

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a reply to every email.

How can you get in contact with other queries?

Use the general contact form below:






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