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Joshua Krook

Joshua Krook is an author and thinker interested in law, social psychology, video game design and the pitfalls of specialization. He is currently pursuing a PhD on the creation of a liberal arts law school, dedicated to the teaching of law as a humanities subject, with skepticism, critical thinking and the 'Real' Socratic method at the core of teaching.

Josh regularly speaks at university events and forums on issues of politics and culture, empathy, law, vocational education, and the reformulation of today’s employment system.

Outside of writing, Josh owns his own video game development company, Atreyu Games, which aims to tell interactive stories as a form of video game literature.

Follow him on twitter: @JoshKrook

Ghost Authoring: How Professors Steal the Work of Their Students

I know several PhD researchers at prestigious universities who keep getting asked to “co-author” a research paper. Typically a senior academic will approach them with an idea and ask to “collaborate.” By […]


Creative Writing: To Be Alive Again

Two men enter. Both are young. Ray is frantic, over-excited, pushing to the front of the stage and eager to seemingly shout at the audience in front of him. The other (Mort) […]


Video Contest: What is a Meaningful Job?

Several years ago my girlfriend created Big Q Films, a group aimed at tackling the biggest questions with videos. Now it’s your turn! Big Q Films is hosting a brand new film […]


A Story on Poverty and Literacy Levels in Nottingham, East Midlands, UK

In 2010 The Guardian revealed that Nottingham had one of the worst reading and writing rates in the UK. By age eleven, 15% of boys and 10% of girls were two stages below their expected reading level in […]


A History of Law Schools: A Battle Between Law as a Science and Law as a Liberal Art

The history of law schools is a battle of ideas. Ideas over what the law is, how it should
be taught and the kinds of student a law school should produce. Frequently,
law schools have been the battleground of fierce intellectual rivalries, with
rival schools of thought battling for supremacy.


Plato’s Cave and Social Media Today (YouTube)

This is the first post to share a video from my new YouTube channel, New Intrigue ( Like this blog, the New Intrigue channel seeks to discuss philosophy, history, politics and law, […]


Postmortem: Courtroom Drama Mobile Game

Initial Idea: In 2016, I had the idea of creating a video game based on courtroom dramas that I enjoyed watching at the time. My favourite legal drama at the time was […]