Essays in A.I: Automation, Technology and the Future of 9-5 Work

In this provocative new book, I question the dominant ideology that automation and artificial intelligence (AI) will make our lives easier and give us more freedom than ever before. Instead, I argue the opposite is the case, and that this new technology is set to make our lives much worse.


Us vs Them: A Case for Social Empathy

Us vs Them: A Case for Social Empathy

The modern city is a place of social circles; clusters of contacts who know each other and strangers who don’t. It is a place where diverse relationships are in decline. In the city, strangers seldom meet beyond daily functions. Instead they brush by with a haste and preoccupation that so defines a century of ‘too little time’.


Legal Education, Privatization and the Market(3)Legal Education, Privatization and the Market

Where once, law schools produced bastions of honourable and ethical practices, today’s law schools produce bland enforcers of the law, incapable of questioning the very principles that form the bedrock of their legal education.

In challenging the existing legal education system, I look to the declining prevalence of justice, fairness and morality in the curriculum.

A Thing Beyond Hope: A Novella

Caught between the pull of the crowd and a personal dream, Calloway is placed on a collision course with society. When he quits university and makes a plan to run away, even his best friend seems confused.

For three days, he finds himself in a world of dive bars, sex, poets and runaway teenagers, searching for a guide to show him the way to a meaningful life.

How to Write a Thesis Worth Writing

What I aim to do in this book is to give you some tips and ideas on how to write a thesis worth writing. From picking the right supervisor to twisting the rules in your favour – my advice aims to sidestep conventional wisdom and protocols in order to help you do something meaningful.


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