Paperback Launch: Essays in AI: Automation, Tech and the Future of Work

My book Essays in AI has just released in paperback!

Read the blurb here:

Robots, artificial intelligence and automation are going to fundamentally change the way we work, play and live in the 21st Century.

Or will they?

In this provocative new book, Krook questions the dominant ideology that automation and A.I. will make our lives easier and give us more freedom than ever before. Instead, he argues the opposite is the case, and that this new technology is set to make our lives much worse.

In a series of essays, Krook discusses the automation of job applications, the robot revolution, the nature of free will, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, the 9-5 work day, modern consumerism and the new project-based economy.

In each essay, he identifies various challenges facing the modern worker, pressed to adapt and rapidly learn new skills in the face of rapid technological change.

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