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Law Schools are Failing Their Students

This is a brief excerpt from my book Legal Education, Privatization and the Market, about the role universities play in guiding young law students away from charity and towards private practice. 

The Cinema Rosa – Now on Kickstarter

The Cinema Rosa has just been launched on Kickstarter. We need your help to make the game a reality.

Can creativity SAVE your job from automation?

Around 40% of all law jobs are at risk of automation, according to a 2016 Deloitte report. Traditional skills expected of law graduates are increasingly going to be undertaken by new AI-driven software. Basic skills such as database research and document drafting are already being automated by large Australian law firms. The race is on ...

The Systematic Mistreatment of Casual Workers

* This is an article written by Chloe Byrne, featuring quotations from myself and others on casual work and employment laws. Casual employees within the retail and hospitality sectors are often systematically exposed to wage theft and mistreatment by employers, industry sources have said. An expectation of working unpaid hours outside of rostered shifts has ...

South Korea is Shutting Down Computers to Stop Overtime Work, We Should Too

Recently, the South Korean government announced that they will be automatically shutting down government computers to stop overtime work. Computers will be shut down preliminarily at 9pm on Fridays, before being shutdown at 7pm, after a six month waiting period. Should we be following suit? In Australia, working hours are actually higher today than in ...

Why Do People Feel Alone in Cities?

Humans need each other in order to survive. Not necessarily in a physical sense, but in a deeply psychological sense. Time spent apart from each other is destructive in an ultimate way; we tend to lose our minds. We are generally happier when in close contact with others, and especially so when we have a ...

How Technology Can Divide Us Up: Connection in the Digital Age

There is a common argument in favour of technology: If we are divided, surely technology can help solve the problem? Surely technology can bridge the gaps between different groups in society and connect us? Connection need not be face-to-face if artificial connection is sufficient. In such a system, social interaction can be facilitated if not ...

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