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Joshua Krook is an author and thinker interested in law, social psychology, video game design and the pitfalls of specialization. He is currently pursuing a PhD on the creation of a liberal arts law school, dedicated to the teaching of law as a humanities subject, with skepticism, critical thinking and the 'Real' Socratic method at the core of teaching. Josh regularly speaks at university events and forums on issues of politics and culture, empathy, law, vocational education, and the reformulation of today’s employment system. Outside of writing, Josh owns his own video game development company, Atreyu Games, which aims to tell interactive stories as a form of video game literature. Follow him on twitter: @JoshKrook

Quidditch Soc as a Metaphor for Dumb, Anti-intellectual Photogenic “culture” at O-Week

If I could summarize the mantra of O-Week in 2014 I would say: only things worth sharing are worth doing. Basically, you should only do something that can easily be captured in a photograph. Said photograph can then be shared online, to prove how successful your event was, and form part of a monoculture of similar photographs – where ...