Color Me Into the Sky – Poetry Film

This is a film of my poem “Color Me Into the Sky,” written for the Vocal poetry competition, which had the theme color poetry expressing the self.

It was an interesting competition, not the least of which for the minimum word count of 100 words. My first draft was 63 words, so it took a little bit of finessing to get this final result.

This video was made using stock footage from and music by Daniel Birch.

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Find my entry here:

Color me into the sky

The blues and pastels

You choose will

Come to define me

I’ve been many colors before

Many things in many eyes

But in your eyes

The hues melt away

You see the real me

I’ve never experienced that before

The unblotched, unblemished, me

That brushes your cheek in notes of red

The me that quivers after every kiss

Or turns blue after spending too long

Out in the sea

The unvarnished, unpolished, me

I’ve tried to hide in so many ways

You see the real me

I’ve never experienced that before

And I love you for it

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