How to Self-Publish a Novel

Self-Publishing Book Marketing Guide:


  • Make a list of everything you can do to market (get the word out about) your book and do every single one.


  • Make social media accounts for the book (AND use existing accounts).
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (others).
  • Post previews on all social media accounts.
  • Post preview on blog.
  • Get a mailchimp account.
    • Add a mailing list signup to your blog – linked to the mailchimp.
  • Get a professional cover design.
  • Find out what keywords work for your book. Use these keywords in the blurb/description.
  • Make sure the blurb is compelling – like a movie blurb. (See examples I’ve written for newer book).


  • Format your book appropriately in word.
  • Add a link at the start of your book to a mailing list signup.
  • Add a link at the start of your book to your website.
  • Enrol in Kindle Unlimited.
  • Enrol in KDP Select.
  • Put the book in ‘books’ on
    • Update cover photo to the new book on
  • Get a free month’s trial of hootsuite.
    • Add 10 social accounts
    • Schedule 5x posts a day on each account.
  • Use
    • Schedule 10 posts directly to Twitter, FB and LinkedIn in one place
  • Upload book to Kobo, Google Books, GoodReads, Book Depository, iBooks, iTunes, Barnes and Nobles



  • Schedule posts on social media (1 day of work – schedule all posts).
  • Post on Reddit subgroups.
  • Post on blog (x3). Make one post about ‘how to self-publish a novel’.
  • Post another blog post about how to self-publish a novel (tell the story of how you did yours – link to your book).
  • Host a giveaway on Goodreads.
    • Can offer 2 signed copies of the book.
  • Post the book to promotional sites on the same day (NB: Most of these sites require the book to be sold at $0.99, but it’s worth it).
    • Bargain Booksy
    • Booksends
    • Genrepulse
    • Price Dropped Books
    • Free Kindle Books & Tips
    • Books Butterfly
    • Kindle Nation Daily
    • BookRunes
    • Just Kindle Books (Use Promo code at purchase: PAIDAUTHOR).
    • eBookDaily
    • com
    • com
    • AwesomeGang
    • com
    • net
    • com
    • BookGorilla
    • com
  • Pay for an ad on Bookbub.
  • Pay for an ad on Amazon Ads. ( (DONE ALREADY)
  • Pay for an ad on kboards. (DONE ALREADY – Bought ‘featured book at top of forum’)
  • Pay for an ad on (Use Promo code at purchase: PAIDAUTHOR). (DONE ALREADY)
  • Host an AMA on AMAFeed.
  • Host an AMA on Reddit.
  • Email for interviewers from book podcasters.
  • Email for interviews from book sites/reviewers.
  • Email for interviews from news sites.
  • Send free kindle copies to vlogger book reviewers on YouTube.
  • Send free copies to book reviewers.
  • Send free copies to blogger reviewers.
  • Engage in ‘review swaps’ with other authors.
  • Post quotes from your book on Instagram.
  • Contact local newspapers, schools, libraries and radio stations – ask if you can do a reading.
  • Publish an audiobook version with (Use their voice actors and split royalties with them).


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