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Automation and the Classic Political Response – Retrain Workers – Inadequate

When the threat of automation is raised, politicians tend to respond with banal platitudes about retraining workers. "We need to train people for the jobs of the future," they'll say. When asked what those jobs will be, they inevitably say: coding. But what if there are no jobs? And what if we can't all be ...

Can Andrew Yang Become U.S. President?

For years, I've been reading and writing about the looming threat of automation, A.I. and new technologies, including their capacity to wipe out traditional jobs. The bulk of this writing was compiled into a book Essays in A.I. released a couple years ago. When confronted with the looming threat of automation, the traditional response from ...

Kindle Launch: Essays in AI: Technology, Automation and the Future of 9-5 Work

Essays in AI looks at how new technology, automation and artificial intelligence might change our lives for the worse. It's a compilation book of various essays and articles I've written on the topic over the years. Although it's quite short, each essay packs a punch!

Book Preview: Essays in AI: Automation, Tech and the Future of 9-5 Work

I've been in the final stages of finishing a new book of essays on AI, Automation and the future of work.

Towards a Project-Based Economy: AI and the Future of Work

An AI lawyer is doing legal research in the US, a robot is laying bricks in Japan and a robot just passed a visual Turing test at MIT. The question is no longer whether automation will occur but how long we have to control its introduction and the future of human work before it does. ...