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The Writing of Kavita Bedford – Friends and Dark Shapes

I stumbled upon the work of Kavita Bedford in a newspaper article. She'd written about the launch of her latest novel, Friends and Dark Shapes, but the article was just as much a love letter to Sydney - a city that, at times, refused to love her back. Bedford wanted to write about Sydney in ...

Short Story: The Dancer

What does it mean to get lost in the dance? I arrive late in the evening. She opens the door, half shocked that I’m even there. We sit in different chairs with Japanese food between us. Sushi, fish and some hot gyoza, in these little rectangular brown cardboard boxes. “A feast,” she says, staring at ...

Creative Writing: A Thing Beyond Hope, Chapter 1

Chapter 1 of my coming-of-age novel, A Thing Beyond Hope.


Creative Writing: A Thing Beyond Hope

My coming-of-age novel, A Thing Beyond Hope, is now out! Get your copy today! :)

Creative Writing: To Be Alive Again

Two men enter. Both are young. Ray is frantic, over-excited, pushing to the front of the stage and eager to seemingly shout at the audience in front of him. The other (Mort) is more cautious, quiet on his toes, working his way more slowly to the front. He carries a book in his right hand, ...

Public Talks in Sydney

It is nearly time for Vivid Sydney, and I thought in light of that I'd share some of my thoughts on the current state of public talks and events in the city. For a long time there has been an underground movement of public intellectuals in Sydney, trying to fight back against the corporatisation of the ...