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How to Keep Learning for Life: Learning After School and University

When we talk about learning, we’re often talking about school or university or a workplace training seminar. But to be a lifelong learner is to understand how to learn by yourself, outside of an institution, after that stage of life is over, without any teacher to show you the way. Learning for life, is about ...

5 Faults of Modern Universities

Some thoughts on this late at night: 1. The Referencing System: Arguably the most pernicious aspect of modern universities is the referencing system. A system that was not used in any of the major humanities books that are still widely read in university departments worldwide. The fault in the system is two fold. On the ...

The Real Socratic Method: Law Schools Fail to Understand Why Socrates Asked So Many Questions

In a true Socratic law school, I suggest, students would be instructed to ask questions to those in authority instead of answering them. Nothing and no one would be beyond a student’s questioning, especially by virtue of claims to authority or expertise alone.

A Place to Call Home: International Student Housing in Sydney

In a recent Senate Committee, Liberal Senator Sean Edwards repeatedly referred to the majority occupancy of international students of affordable student housing as a “rorting” of the system. He said that the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), set up by the Rudd government, had a significant “loophole” that allowed, for instance, Monash University to house ...