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The World According to Haruki Murakami

Ten years ago, I tried to read Norwegian Wood, a semi-autobiographical novel by the author Haruki Murakami. I couldn't finish it, but for some reason, the first few pages stuck with me.  The book begins with Norwegian Wood, the Beatles song, playing on an airport speaker system. The protagonist is boarding a flight. He hears the ...


Creative Writing: A Thing Beyond Hope

My coming-of-age novel, A Thing Beyond Hope, is now out! Get your copy today! :)

Creative Writing: To Be Alive Again

Two men enter. Both are young. Ray is frantic, over-excited, pushing to the front of the stage and eager to seemingly shout at the audience in front of him. The other (Mort) is more cautious, quiet on his toes, working his way more slowly to the front. He carries a book in his right hand, ...