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Legal education- success but at what cost?

The following is a review of my book by Edwin Montoya Zorrila from the blog, Notes From The Wreck.   I preface this review with a disclosure. The author, Joshua Krook, is […]


The “Employer’s Voice” in Australian Legal Education

‘The Employer’s Voice’ Shaping Graduate Attributes: In the early 1990s, Australian universities were placed under increasing pressure from ‘the state, industry and other agencies’ to produce graduates who possessed specific market-relevant skills.[i] […]


Legal Education, Privatization and the Market: The Decline of Justice, Fairness and Morality in Australian Law Schools

Chapter 1: The Problem Since the early 2000s there have been warning signs of the ‘health of [Australia’s] democracy’ being threatened by the abandonment of universities as communities of intellectuals, in favour […]