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Law Schools are Failing Their Students

This is a brief excerpt from my book Legal Education, Privatization and the Market, about the role universities play in guiding young law students away from charity and towards private practice. 

Ghost Authoring: How Professors Steal the Work of Their Students

I know several PhD researchers at prestigious universities who keep getting asked to “co-author” a research paper. Typically a senior academic will approach them with an idea and ask to “collaborate.” By collaborate, they mean that the student will do all of the work and the professor will get half of the credit. Sometimes they ...

How to Write a Thesis Worth Writing

Recently I've been writing this book on how to write a thesis worth writing. It combines various lessons I've learnt along the way in my own PhD journey. Here's a brief synopsis: What I aim to do in this book is to give you some tips and ideas on how to write a thesis worth ...

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